Postal Boxes

Postal Boxes

Postal Boxes

We also can manufacture a wide range of postal boxes for mailing products safely and securely through postage services like the Royal Mail.

We can make them in a wide range of different sizes, whilst also considering the impact the design and style has on Royal Mail guidelines to make sure the postal boxes dimensions fits under its restrictions and specifications.

We can make our boxes in brown or white colours, and design them for the utmost product protection. For example we can design our postage boxes to create a triple wall formation on the sides when assembled for the optimal protection on the sides of the box. We also can design them with locking flaps for ease of assemble and opening. The pizza style thin box we can manufacture are perfect for sliding through letterboxes.

Whatever your requirement for posting your products through Royal Mail or third party couriers we can talk you throw the options on what is the best mailing box suited for you. We specialize in bulk orders, saving you money and time. All come flat packed delivered on pallets for efficient storage.

Bespoke Custom Postal Boxes

If you require a more bespoke solutions for your product needs then talk to us and we can find the perfect solution for your product and brand. If your product is for domestic or international shipping special considerations will need to be made, our expert team can help you with the design process.

We can manufacture our postal boxes in either corrugated or solid board. Get in touch today for your free quote.