Creative ways our corrugated cardboard is recycled by local communities

Creative ways our corrugated cardboard is recycled by local communities

We here at Connect Packaging have been supplying surplus corrugated cardboard to local charities and groups since our company was first established in 1957. This is then gone on to be recycled and reused in very creative ways.

We received some information by one of the charities we support, C.S.P, on how our old waste is recycled into brilliant pieces of art for school workshops and plays. They was kind enough to write a thank you email with pictures and more information on the amazing work they, teachers, community workers and children create out of our old corrugated material. You can see this email below;


Corrugated Cardboard Recycled Into Children Workshop Props

“C.S.P have been providing arts and crafts materials to member groups for nearly 40 years, we are an environmental and educational charity providing good quality recycled materials to member groups all over London and some of the home counties.

The project was established in 1978 by Bruce Galley, John O’Brien and Bruce Coldham who set up a similar scheme called The Reverse Garbage Truck in Melbourne, Australia.

The original reason for setting up the project was the reduction in capitation or grants available to groups for material costs, the vast quantity of good clean material being dumped (at cost) by local industry, and the number of workshops and craft teachers not being used to the full, because there were no materials to use!

Teachers, tutors, nursery nurses and community workers have been given the tools to hold thousands of classes and workshops in education and play. This not only improves the quality of life for the thousands of individuals who use the project materials, it also caters for the diverse needs of the community allowing disadvantaged groups equal opportunities for education and play.

Many groups could not afford to go to a commercial source and buy these materials and we raising awareness of the importance of recycling materials, and children are becoming accustomed to recycling setting them on the right path by teaching them to respect and understand the environment. The project also helps to change the lives of many of our users; we offer a cheap resource for the smaller groups, after school clubs, adventure playgrounds, community centres and youth groups can collect a wider range of materials, allowing them to hold many activities at their base. These classes or workshops keep the children active, makes them more creative and stops them from wandering around on the streets.

We are a valuable resource, helping some of the most deprived areas in London. Our charity was one of the original proponents of the scrap store philosophy as it is today. With a small dedicated staff of 3 and volunteers, it is able to provide a brilliant service to member groups who have an “Aladdin’s Cave “, on their doorstep.

We collect annually well over 200 tonnes of surplus material and reuse it in education and play. Our charity provides resources for over 60,000 children and adults in London. Over the years the project has become so embedded in the community, it is well known amongst company suppliers and is therefore is able offer a vast selection of paper, card, books, stationary, textiles and other arts and crafts materials. The project also participates in swaps with other stores in other parts of the country to offer the widest possible range of variety and choice.

I would to take this opportunity to thank Connect Packaging for all your donations. Without donations from companies, our charity would not be able to operate.”

Yours sincerely

Morris Bennett  Project Coordinator

C.S.P were also kind enough to send us some photographs of how Connect Packaging’s surplus corrugate is being reused.

We have attached them below so you can see examples of some of the brilliant pieces of art that have been made out of old corrugated waste.