• Archive Boxes

    Archive Boxes

    Organise Your Office Efficiently With Archive Boxes Perfect for storing and transporting paperwork Businesses dealing with high volume paperwork know how important file organisation and storage is. Paper documents can get lost so easily when not stored properly.  Archive boxes are such an effective form of packaging when it comes to storing and transportation of
  • Packaging Sustainability: Latest investments to increase efficiencies

    Packaging Sustainability: Latest investments to increase efficiencies

    The Responsibilities of Every Manufacturer Packaging sustainability has created a buzz recently. In the recent years, companies have showed interest in improving their processes, techniques and overall practices which affect our planet. In an article on Packaging News, Cera Packaging stated that “The challenge when it comes to sustainability is balancing the demand and needs

  • Connect Continues to Grow
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    Connect Continues to Grow

    As part of the continuous improvement at Connect we are proud to inform our customers’ existing and future that we have just placed our brand new fleet of trucks on the road. We have 2 new 18 tonne MAN rigid vehicles complete with tail lift and side curtains and 1 new  44 tonne Man articulated


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