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Unlimited Digital Printing Applications

With great digital printing applications the opportunities are endless. Where before there were barriers in printing, now you can reinvent yourself and let your imagination carried away.

Connect Packaging can produce digital printing on almost any size and shape cardboard material. Digital technology enables us to print on-demand with the ability to print exactly the amount that you need and when you need it.

Digital printing is ideal for short runs and eliminates the need to replace the printing plates like in lithographic printing. If you are looking to launch a new products or impress your customers with limited product editions, digital print offers faster turnaround times.

This is ideal for producing point of sale displays, free standing display units, and shelf ready packaging as it allows you to play around with the artwork and cardboard formats.


Advantages Using Digital Printing

•  Short print runs are cheaper comparing to lithographic runs
•  Faster turnaround times, reduced labour
•  Easy customisation and powerful visual impact
•  Less waste as there is no need to balance the water and ink levels