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Flexographic Printing for Re-Branding & New Product Launch

Quite simply, flexographic printing uses biodegradable inks to create the artwork which is printed “in relief” directly onto corrugated sheets.

This versatile and adaptable printing technology is ideal for large scale reproduction of images and text onto corrugated boxes. The ink-free areas allow you to create the desired visual effect that makes your product stand out.

Standard Flexo Printing Super Flexo Printing
Mid to large volume: 1 - 4 line colours Mid to large volume: 4 colour process
Ideal for Free Standing Display Units Ideal for Shelf-ready Packaging

Connect Packaging can provide you with professional flexographic printing services that help you impress customers without compromising your budget.

Manufactured at a faster rate, flexographic printing is more cost effective than lithographic printing due to fewer size restrictions.


Did you know that we don’t have any box size restrictions?

For food-related consumer products, flexo printing offers the perfect balance of durability and safety

Certain regulations require that food packaging containers be printed with ink that will not wear off, flake, separate or degrade.

Our 60 years of manufacturing experience in the food market ensures product quality and safety for consumers.

When considering your printing options, it’s best to make your decision by balancing cost effectiveness, quality and flexibility.

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